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Axon Collective / $100K - $130K / United States / Full Time

About Axon Collective

We help entrepreneurs like you integrate technology into your business in an understandable, transparent, and scalable way. We build the right things, the right way, by the right people, with total transparency.


Job Summary - What We Need and Why We Need it:
Axon Consulting is looking for a mid-level full stack engineer to serve as a full-time developer for one of our largest client projects, an enterprise SaaS platform undergoing a complete rebuild and redeployment in the midst of scaling. You will be split between frontend and backend as needed, supporting and enabling the rest of the team. For more information about Axon and the team you’ll be working with, check out our about page on our website.

Responsibilities and Expectations - What You'll be Doing and How We Want You to Do it:
As an Axon software engineer, you’ll work on a small team with other full-time engineers and the founders to meet our clients’ needs. This is a full-time workload (40 hours/wk) focused on a single client project in the short-to-mid-term with more projects after that. We are 100% remote and try to only have meetings when we need them. We hire carefully and allow our teams significant autonomy to self manage, coordinate and document with as little top-down project management as possible.

Requirements/Qualifications - What We Want You to Have:
- At least six years of experience in software development
- Excellent communication skills and the ability to be self-directed and work asynchronously as part of a team
- Excellent documentation ability (essential for async environments)
- Passion for learning & growing in technical skill
- Understanding and passion for lean/agile methodologies
Experience in the following languages, frameworks, and technologies:
- Python development, especially Django (3+ years preferred, primary application development)
- Vue.JS (3+ years working with JS frameworks)
- Experience integrating 3rd party libraries and APIs
- Familiarity with RESTful API development
- Experience working with Docker and writing dockerfiles
- Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines (GitHub actions, CircleCI, GitLab, etc...)
- Some exposure to or experience with PHP (existing codebase is all old PHP) - Experience working in a DevOps environment
- Familiarity with the 12 Factor App Methodology
- Familiarity with Google Workspace products (Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc)
 - A degree is awesome and useful (especially in CS), but if you're smart and have the experience to back up your abilities, we believe that talent, experience, and a willingness to learn are more valuable than a 4-year degree without those things.
- Fluency in memes (v important)

Bonus Points - Things that Will Help:
- Experience working with cloud-hosted projects, especially GCP
- Experience using serverless technologies
- Cloud architecture experience
- Experience with automated testing & TDD methodologies
- Familiarity with
- Technical writing and documentation skills
- Existing contributions to open-source projects
- Experience with enterprise SaaS platform builds or maintenance
- Familiarity tracking a project in Jira
- Experience supporting & modernizing legacy SaaS applications

Who You are - What Kind of Person Wants to Work for Axon:
You have a passion for both learning and teaching, and you believe in mentoring those who report to you and improving their lives. You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty if the job requires it, and you have a deep passion for software and what it can do when used creatively and responsibly.
You value work-life balance, you believe that mental and physical rest lead to superior results, and you thrive in an environment of remote work and asynchronous communication. You value integrity above all else, place people above profit, don’t treat progress as a zero-sum game, innovate responsibly, and recognize that social impact matters (wow we should make those core values or something). You're proud of your craft, and you write code at a high standard in a documentable way so that the next developer doesn't have to start from square one.
At the end of the day, you care about people with the same priority stack as us - your people, your customers, and your shareholders/employer. We believe that excellence begins with those who make up your team, resulting in success at all levels.

Perks Yo - Our Benefits Package:
- Remote workspace, schedule flexibility, and unlimited time off - you’re a professional, and you can manage yourself and your team from the beach in Bali (or your couch) just as well (or better) as you can from a stuffy office building
- Freedom to work on your own stuff and own it - no “We Own Your Brain” NDAs here. If you invent warp drive on your spare time, it’s yours (but pls let us try it out cause warp drive).
- Opportunities to grow with us - we’re ambitious and want you to be too, and we would love to have you take our jobs someday.
- Tools and hardware provided - need a new computer or a subscription to something that will aid in getting results or make your life easier? We trust you and will make it happen.
- Annual company retreat and in-person team meetings. Remote is awesome, but there is a magic to face-to-face and we want to get everyone in the same room at least once per year. Don’t worry, we’ll make it fun. You can also organize in-person events for your team if you want.
- Need a workspace or a gym membership? We’ll get you set up in a coworking space wherever you live and give you a wellness stipend to help cover those costs.
- Conferences and events included - we’ll send you to just about anything that you need to go to.
- Industry-standard health insurance, and benefits package

Who We Exclude - No One: 
We believe diversity is a strength and an advantage, and we don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual identity, race, religion, or preferred science fiction (we like both Star Wars and Star Trek). If you have a disability, let us know how we can accommodate you! 

--> Don’t meet the requirements for this job? Apply anyways if you genuinely think you would be a good fit. 

--> We look at every resume, except for the one that you don't submit.

VueJS Python Django DevOps

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