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About Working in Brussels

At Working in Brussels we’re on a mission 🚀 to unleash Millenials & Gen Zers around the world and connect them with our local purpose-driven scale-ups.

By combining recruitment & real estate we created a compelling employee value proposition that includes the co-living experience - beautiful, fully furnished shared homes - in the salary package of the people that we employ and that work with our clients. Just like a company car, but here it's amazing accommodation!

#Humancentric #Commitment #Enthusiasm #Impact are our strong values 💪

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We are proud to have been nominated for the Belgian HR Excellence Awards 2021 in the category of Best HR Game Changer! 🤩


For our client, we are looking for an AI Engineer who will help them build their Software-as-a-Service product. But before telling you who are we looking for, you might be interested to know more about who are we at Working in Brussels and who is our client that you will work with.

Let me first enlighten you on who we are at Working in Brussels

We understood that the new worker generation has different expectations, different needs, and a totally new vision of work-life. The perfect job isn’t about a title, a company name, or a gross salary package...

Our society is changing and companies must adapt, offer more sense, work/life balance, the opportunity to develop, learn and grow at the rhythm of the company, but also a salary package that is more aligned with the reality and trends of the society.

This is why we imagined a model that includes the co-living experience in the salary package of the people that we employ and that work with our clients. Just like a company car, but here it is a cool accommodation and a real-life experience that we offer! Bye to rent and charges, hello to sunset gin tonics, and the saving account that goes up!!!

You got it? We are the unique Belgian player of “Job + Co-living”

Now, what about our client?

Bertrand and Pol first crossed each other's paths 13 years ago on a common project in a big global consulting firm. In 2018, during a summer barbecue, they both came to the same conclusion: they want to do more than invest in their own skillset and network. They want to build something with the potential to outgrow themselves! They both quit their job and started this new and exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Together, they developed a solution that automates cognitive tasks in order to optimize everyone's time by reducing the amount of repetitive tasks. This is what we call Intelligent Automation! Thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence, it is possible to automate not only repetitive tasks that require doing but also complex tasks that require thinking.

Bertrand and Pol are doing an amazing job! It took them some time to build their product, but now that they have it secure, highly performant, working under real-life imperfect conditions, and easy to set up and integrate, sky is their only limit and they see things BIG! This is why their company is one of the most promising SaaS in Intelligent Automation! But this wouldn't have been possible without the talent and work of their 20 collaborators! All in their 20's and 30's, they all believe that automation is so much more than having the best Machine Learning models with high accuracy, it's about creating a real business value!

Today, they are looking for an AI engineer that will bring its experiences, best practices, and a collaborative attitude to further build the self-learning technology in their intelligent automation product.

In this position, you will:
  • Work on real-world AI problems with real data
  • Work closely with clients to deploy and train the product for their specific use-cases
  • Further advance in-house research in collaboration with academic partners
  • Bring your results from development to production to the clients
  • Tackle difficult problems as part of a highly efficient team
  • Advance the various aspects of their self-learning product in line with their roadmap
  • Above all, ship lots of high-quality code in every sprint!
The job is perfect for you if:
  • You love translating business challenges into cutting-edge technical solutions
  • You got 2 years of experience in building and bringing ML models to production
  • Proficient in Python with a track record of good coding practices
  • Hands-on experience with production-grade ML, preferably some NLP specific exposure
  • You pride yourself in seeing the impact of your work in a product that is used daily by people
  • You’re comfortable in an Agile development methodology
  • You have experience with the following tech stack:

API frameworks in python (f.e. Django, Flask, …)

NoSQL Databases and ODM (f.e. mongoDB)

General software design pattern knowledge and PEP8

CI/CD and pipelines (GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins or Bitbucket)

Cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Azure or GCP

Automation frameworks (f.e. Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet or Saltstack)

Containerization technologies such as Docker. Using docker at scale (Swarm or Kubernetes) is a plus

Unit, integration, and automated testing (frameworks like pytest, jest, cypress, …)

Task brokers and message queues (f.e. celery + AMQP + redis)


A dynamic international team with a start-up/bootstrap culture that encourages freedom, creativity, and collaboration

A competitive salary and a range of fringe benefits

Unique coding and technical challenges with many opportunities to learn and grow your skills

If it’s safe to do so -> Quarterly offsites, frequent after-work drinks, etc.

The recruitment process

How does it work?
  1. Let's meet with Cristina/Lola to get to know each other a bit better and see if you could be a fit
  2. If so, you will then meet Carla, the head of HR
  3. A small business case with Jens, the Head of Product, will be held to validate your skills & mindset. You will also have the opportunity to ask all your questions about the product itself.
  4. You will meet the founders and the rest of the team as well

Get on board with the most promising SaaS in Intelligent Automation!

Apply now! We can't wait to meet you :)

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