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A curated list of tech employers hiring remote talent.

Company name Industry/specialities Job locations Company size
hujnjnj AI, Recruitment 0-1 employees
Kushal Sojitra software, Software Development 0-1 employees
Diabecarp Heathtech 11-50 employees
Career One Stop Recruitment 2-10 employees
managre Recruitment, Heathtech 0-1 employees
OCG technology Software Development 51-200 employees
HeartSupport software 2-10 employees
Lucioles Recruitment, Human Resources 2-10 employees
Revere CRE software, Commercial Real Estate 2-10 employees
speeder AI, Ecommerce, Software Development 2-10 employees
Axon Collective software 2-10 employees
Zuva AI, software 11-50 employees
Panaseer Cyber Security 51-200 employees
Recipeat Recruitment 2-10 employees
Adyar Cafe Recruitment 2-10 employees
Arsenal Coaching Recruitment, software, Human Resources 2-10 employees
Airship, LLC Custom Software, Software Development 11-50 employees
Ada Health Heathtech 201-500 employees
Newpage Solutions software, Software Development 51-200 employees
LoopStudio software 51-200 employees